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2018-11-08T09:36:16+00:00News @ Focus24, Product Features|

We are thrilled to announce a new service to the Focus24 Group. Arise Unit24…

Producers are beset with increasingly strangled time and logistical challenges.  With our new Unit24 service, we offer production an opportunity to consolidate these logistics, the camera crew and the camera equipment into a self-contained, hassle-free experience.  One phone call.  One invoice.  So…how?

Unit24 is formed of two ingredients.  The first is tailored camera vehicles that offer location crew a nimble new way of working.  We have spent painstaking hours designing our custom-purpose location vehicles with roll on/roll off workflow, and state of the art powering solutions for the camera department.  The second vital element is who is behind the wheel.  But more on that soon…

Production can sometimes feel like supply chain management.  Whether the studio suffers a power cut or the talent is running late, the repercussions can be punishing if those chains are not linked perfectly.  Though we cannot help with impunctual talent, Unit24 offers an opportunity to help de-risk your challenges that have no doubt befallen one of your productions at some stage.

No moving parts.  No more awkward vehicle hire companies.  No more unloading equipment in the office at midnight.  Backup and contingency everywhere.  And so many more unique advantages based on your unique requirement.

Get in touch to discover how our Unit24 service will have your back on your next production.  And watch this space for a dedicated page very soon full of images, video and case studies.

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