Prep Rooms

Our new state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot facility is built to accommodate productions of all shapes and sizes.  Whether it’s getting smart with a new camera or comparing lens and filter combinations for fun, we offer you an open house with technical know-how on tap.  And as many cappuccinos as you can stand.

Camera crew are often the forgotten customer.  We make it our business to deliver an experience that exceeds your expectations.  Bring your floor bags and make yourselves at home.

Complete your ‘pre-live checks’ in spacious and comfortable prep rooms that are generously specified to get the job done.  Our goal is to ensure you get home to your loved ones (or pub) in time for you latest boxset.

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Like Q-branch, our fully loaded engineering department is packed with weird and wonderful gadgetry to keep our products sharp and en-pointe.

Numerous hours of R&D have been spent spec’ing items such as one-off amendments to rigs, brackets and confusingly expensive cables.

All current and brand-new equipment must clear strict, item-specific performance and reliably tests before it is deemed worthy of you.

Almost 100% of maintenance matters are performed on campus at Focus24.  We treat our stock with the utmost love and respect …and of course, do so to ensure it live a long and prosperous life.

We can extend this care to your own equipment, usually giving same day feedback so you can quickly choose to stick or twist.

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