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Over the course of a decade, Focus24 has blossomed into a trusted, leading light of the camera services universe. We are proud to provide supporting camera services to some of the industry’s most exciting talent, to be depended upon to successfully care for thousands of productions in feature films, commercials and documentary, of all scale.

Stocking the latest and greatest digital, film and optical technology, is in our DNA. We also like to mix it up with vintage favourites from ARRI, Zeiss, Cooke, Leica and numerous others, to offer our loyal following a taste of the nostalgic.

In today’s world of ‘NOW!’ it’s no longer about what we can offer you. It’s about what you need to get things done.

As a supplier of film services, Focus24 stretches the meaning of ʻcamera hire facilityʼ.  The unavoidable category of ‘camera rental company’ is a label we have been scraping off since 2009.  Powered by passion, we see our responsibilities running much deeper…

It’s our duty to the production office to simply “make it happen!” without pain.  It is our duty to the cinematographer to further their creative vision.  It is our duty to the camera department to score ‘time victories’ via those ‘little big things’ that make the profound difference when the pressure is on.

Like Frodo Baggins..success and failure can sometimes depend on the smallest, often overlooked thing.

  • Focus24 Cine Equipment Rental (35)
  • Focus24 Cine Equipment Rental (4)
  • Focus24 Cine Equipment Rental (32)
  • Focus24 Cine Equipment Rental (24)
  • Focus24 Cine Equipment Rental (19)
  • Focus24 Cine Equipment Rental (27)
  • Focus24 Cine Equipment Rental (12)
Focus24 Cine Equipment Rental (37)

The recent relocation to our new flagship home allows us to do things bigger, better and with even greater precision. We are geared to service productions of any scale.

At its heart, Focus24 will always remain a ‘hand-made’ camera boutique who are big enough to get the job done but nimble enough to leap to those little big things.

But talk is cheap, don’t take our word for it. We invite you to get up close and personal.

Come and get behind the scenes of Focus24’s production.

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God’s Kingdom, by Nicholas Bennett

By |November 6th, 2018|Categories: Films @ Focus24, News @ Focus24|

In association with Focus24 we are proud to present theological horror "God's Kingdom".  We took the opportunity to speak to director Guy Soulsby and cinematographer Nicholas Bennett about the film and the experience of assembling a short film of real distinction.  You can watch God's Kingdom right here. High quality headphones recommend!

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