Our Films

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words, maybe a film can say a few more. Click below for test footage, equipment reviews and general enlightenment.

Arri Amira- City On Water

We took delivery of our first Arri Amira, and chose Venice as an interesting venue to really test if this is a camera for documentary. We travelled with minimal equipment to reflect a single user shoot for quick gathering of coverage, depending as much as possible on what was available in camera.

100mm Master Macro

A mysterious package arrives from TNT this morning. After 14 months of waiting our 100mm Master Macro has arrived and we wasted no time in getting it on a camera for our first "up close" look......over breakfast!

The Angenieux PL Doubler

Focus24 presents the Angenieux Doubler for PL Mounted Lenses. Shot on Arri Alexa Plus with an Angenieux 24-290mm Optimo Lens.

Canon EOS C300

A quick fire review of the Canon EOS C300 with example footage using the PL Mounted C300.