Ben Mitchell

Website version 1.5

20 Mar 2015 by Ben Mitchell

Does something look different around here?  Welcome to what we have been calling, “version 1.5” of the Focus24 website.  So why the .5?  

It gave us great pleasure when customers would tell us how they enjoyed and referenced the website in it’s past form.  But we really wanted to offer more information, better item searching and a more intuitive experience, all without straying too far from an already appreciated formula.  In our eyes this is not a new website.

Seamless navigation and richer content were the driving aims of 1.5.  We have worked hard to give you a website that builds upon the familiar foundations you enjoyed previously, but with “behind the curtain” surgery to take the user experience up a gear.  We hope you agree that there’s much more on offer but with less…clicks that is.  

So this is phase one complete.  Watch this space for further developments including, dare I say, some really cool stuff we just know you’ll love.  Until then, some of the of key improvements to look out for that are now live include:  

  • Redesigned homepage with Focus24 and industry news 
  • New filtering system within equipment pages
  • New interface for browsing inventory
  • Easier access and more intuitive navigation throughout
  • An enhanced searching function

We would be really grateful to hear any feedback you might share with us, whether it’s the good, the bad or the ugly.  You can reach me at

Thanks for reading and happy browsing!