Firmware updates

Sony F55 V6

1 Jun 2015

From Sony: 

  • Apple ProRes 4444 with CBK-55PD

Apple ProRes 4444 has been added as a recording format that can be recorded/ played by installing the dedicated Option CBK-55PD. Apple ProRes 4444 can be selected when the system frequency is set to 23.98, 24.0, 25.0, or 29.97 and Main Operation is set to RGB. 

  • User 3D LUT on “S-Gamut/SLog2” Color Space - 3D LUT can be now be used with“S-Gamut/SLog2” Color Space.  

  • 66FPS has been added in S&Q mode

  • Improved ABB/APR action when selecting Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD® - Camcorder does not restart after performing ABB/APR while the recording format is set to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD®.


Bug Fixes

When Interlace recording formats are selected, SDI(Main)&Internal Rec. and SDI(Sub)&HDMI was not able to be changed separately. This has been fixed.

When MPEG50 recording format was selected, 1st and 2nd fields were inverted after executing ABB sometimes. This has been fixed.

When SDI(Sub) output was set to “Off” and Test Out was not used, TC output was not working. This has been fixed.

When HDCAM SR codec (SStP), Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD® recording format was selected, SDI output phase was about one line delayed from Genlock signal. This has been fixed. 

Assignable Buttons setting was not loaded when ALL file generated by previous firmware version was loaded.

ARRI Amira 2.0.14

2 May 2015

From ARRI: "New features & changes overview

• 4K UHD license* supporting:
o ProRes 4K UHD recording
o ProRes 3.2K recording
o 6G UHD-SDI output (technology demo)
o De-noising Option for 4K UHD (not in HD/2K)

• Solo function to toggle audio channel monitoring
• Extended Lock function
• Switching FPS while in Pre Record
• Image sharpness and Image Detail parameters shown in EVF during editing
• … and more usability improvements"

Arri Alexa XT (and Classic) SUP 11

20 Mar 2015

Arri:  “We are happy to announce that Software Update Packet (SUP) 11 is now available as a download for the ARRI ALEXA XT and ALEXA Classic cameras with the XR Module upgrade (ALEXA XT/XR) and for the ALEXA Classic cameras. ALEXA's eleventh major update brings ALEXA ProRes 3.2K recording to the ALEXA XT/XR, and the new ARRI debayering algorithm ADA-5 to all ALEXA cameras, as well as many other useful features and bug fixes”

Arri Amira 1.01

20 Mar 2015

Arri:  “The economical - AMIRA Features include: HD 1080i and 1080p; 0.75-100 fps; ProRes 422 and 422 (LT) recording in Rec 709; three looks; adjustable in-camera image parameters for knee, gamma and saturation; peaking for focus control; zebra, false color and waveform for exposure control.

The all-rounder - AMIRA ADVANCED Features additional to AMIRA: 100-200 fps; ProRes 422 (HQ) recording; Log C; unlimited look functions; import looks; ASC CDL in-camera grading; Dynamic auto tracking WB, Bluetooth audio, Prerecord function.

The all-inclusive - AMIRA PREMIUM Features additional to the AMIRA Advanced: 2K (2048 x 1152) and ProRes 4444 recording; import custom 3D LUTs.”

Sony F55 & F5 V4.11

20 Mar 2015

Modification from V4.1 to V4.11

1. Corrected Payload ID on 4K SDI output

“We corrected an error of the Payload ID on the 4K SDI output stream”

2. Fixed malfunction of Auto Iris function while using CA-4000

“While using CA-4000 (4K Live System) and Auto Iris function, the Iris sometimes moved unintentionally after turning “Auto Iris” off. We fixed it”

3. Interval recording function

“You can see “Interval Rec” on recording menu page, but V4.11 firmware doesn’t support Interval Recording function”

4. Assignable button of Marker

“When you assign Marker On/Off as an Assignable button, Marker on VF and SDI Out setting is changing below”


Marker on VF

Marker on SDI


Push 1



Marker ON

Push 2



Marker ON

Push 3



Marker OFF

Push 4



Marker ON

5. iOS setting for Wi-Fi Remote

“While using Wi-Fi Remote by iOS devices and Safari, please turn off Private browse function” 

6. All file Support

“All files which are created with Firmware V4.11 are not compatible with an earlier firmware version”

RED Epic MX V5.3.33

20 Mar 2015

1. Added IR OLPF Support

2. Fix spelling of Incandescent

3. Fix configuration file for Sigma 17-50

4. Fix Integration Time overlay to show angle

5. Fix passphrase edit lockout after toggling ‘Enable Wifi’

6. Fix upgrade messages with dual RED Touch 7" LCDs attached

7. Fix LCD brightness after exiting Low Power Preview or Sleep modes

8. Fix RED Touch 7" initialization when connected to modules on startup

Operational notes specific to build V5.3.33:

1. The horizon feature requires Gyro calibration be completed prior to use

2. You must black shade an EPIC DRAGON or SCARLET DRAGON after upgrading it

3. Use camera brain HD-SDI and Sync ports for 3D work

4. Do not 3D sync when GEN ICON is yellow

5. Camera powered by RED BRICK may display voltage instead of battery capacity on some cameras

6. EVF black level raised in some cases. Use Shadow adjustment as required

7. Image Magnify is available during preview only

8. HD-SDI is True Progressive and does not support 1080i or 1080 PsF signal formats