Daniel May-Miller

Blueshape gives the V-sign

16 Mar 2015 by Daniel May-Miller

V-Lock batteries.  Not the most exciting organ of the camera anatomy.  Those lumps of flimsy plastic can have a habit of taking centre stage at inconvenient moments… failing at that critical moment or slowing your journey through airport security.  But let’s give them their spotlight for just a brief moment.

bslogo.jpgAfter getting fed up of sacrificing durability OR battery life, we made it our mission to find a V-Lock option that offered the camera crew a far longer lasting battery, yet was smaller, lighter yet still a battle hardened warrior ready for anything.  The usual suspects were all in a line, with boastful reputations and fancy marketing to match.  But the winner was surprisingly, a manufacturer unknown to us and dare we say most of you.  Please enter the “Granite” range from Blueshape in 180 & 90Wh flavours.

And “Granite" is certainly a fitting name indeed.  Not content to take manufacturers at their word, we tried and tested 6* of the biggest battery brands in the industry and found Blueshape to be incredibly rugged and massive in capacity- not to mention easy to handle and completely reliable.  Cased in 4mm thick automotive grade resin, the Blueshapes are seemingly indestructible- at least from drops at tripod height!  Groovy.

The capacity is also staggering for the size, as shown in the table below.  But in English, compared to our previous V-Lock what you get is a battery that lasts almost twice as long as our current crop of V-Locks.  For example you will get a whopping four hours per battery versus two on a Bi-Colour Lightpanel.  This is all for virtually the same size and weight as our current crop from IDX.


BV180 Li-ion

BV090 Li-ion

Nominal voltage



Voltage range

10.8v ~ 16.8v

10.8v ~ 16.8v

Nominal capacity 

12.0Ah, 180Wh

6.2Ah, 90Wh

Max discharge current







Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt (NMC)

Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt (NMC)

We also loved patching lens control systems and monitors directly into one of the on-board D-taps, although this is a feature slowly becoming common place in higher grade batteries.  But it’s still nice to avoid those extra cables or clunky battery plates.  Blueshapes also all feature a slick 5 segment LED gauge to help you keep on top of your charge status- lighting up in F24 blue for that matter.  We thought it was a nice touch anyway. 

We are delighted to be phasing in Blueshape batteries and chargers into our kits over the coming weeks.  Please do get in touch with any questions or suggestions and tell us how you find the Blueshapes!

You can visit www.blueshape.net for more manufacturer information.

Thanks for reading.