Sam Falla

Running Away With Stunning Images

22 Apr 2016 by Sam Falla
Directed by: Jacob Harmer
Cinematography: Thomas English
Camera: ARRI Alexa
Lenses: Cooke Anamorphics

Short films. Calling cards to bigger things?  An exhibition of talent in a snapshot?  Director Jacob Harmer runs much further and gives us a breadcrumb trail into his past. We caught up with Jacob as he explains the familial inspiration behind his reminiscent short, and how his lens choice helped to further his storytelling. It's a sensory experience with stunning backdrops and a gorgeous automobile

The film has a very personal feel to it.  Where did the idea for "Run" originate from?

JH:  Run is my most personal film to date.  The protagonist is my real-life brother, running the intrepid route 'passed down' to us by our father when we were old enough to run alongside him. Joe's present recollections are delivered through the voice of a young boy, an incarnation of himself twenty years prior. This represents the vivid recollections which the land conjures for him every time he retraces his inherited path. These won't be found on any trails or maps: once you’re out there you’re alone. img_2025.jpgInjury, rock falls and getting trapped by tides are significant risks due to the nature of running solo through such a wild landscape. I wanted to convey the idea that heritage anchors us to our origins, while also giving us a foundation to design our visions of what might come next. Ultimately I wanted to show how the boundless possibilities of the future may be unleashed by connecting with the past


Why did you want to shoot it in the anamorphic format?

run3.pngJH:  After speaking with my DoP Thomas English we decided that we wanted the landscapes to feel as though they're protagonists themselves. Almost like a family member who has watched Joe grow over the years. These environments have equal dominance throughout and the ability to give these natural vistas justice was why I chose the anamorphic format

What attracted you to shooting on the Cooke anamorphics in particular?

JH:  I didn't want to go razor sharp for this film and felt that a softer and more vintage aesthetic was vital in telling our story. The lenses perfectly amplified the dreamy world we were looking to create

How did the lenses shape your approach to shooting Run?

We wanted to move from the intimate to the epic seamlessly whilst alway's retaining a sense of grandeur

Would you plan a "look" with the lenses in mind for future projects?

These lenses create such an organically beautiful image and match my desire to produce a naturalistic yet composed 'look' throughout my films. After shooting 'Run' it will be difficult to settle for anything else!


Now, please set to "HD 720", hit full screen, grab those headphones, turn up the volume nice and loud...and enjoy!