Tim Hawken

8R Ultra Now Available!

18 Mar 2015 by Tim Hawken

With an eyebrow-raising 114 degree field of view*, this ultra wide angle lens will add speed and spaciousness to your subject material.  The rectilinear design all but eradicates geometric distortion, keeping your horizontals and verticals on the straight and narrow- literally.  The result is stunning vistas, incredible tight and wide shots for vehicles & small rooms and truly unique POV material.  Be careful.  You can stand 2ft away and 4ft to side and find yourself in shot!

Some quickfire info includes:

  • No fisheye distortions
  • Widest (or shortest focal length) lens made by ARRI/Zeiss to date
  • T2.8 aperture
  • T*XP coated optics to match ARRI/Zeiss cine lenses
  • 134mm front diameter.
  • Close focus 13"

Engineered to the same standards and tolerances as it's other Ultra Prime family members, the 8R has remarkable control over chromatic aberration, flaring and and overall superb contrast.  Despite being the widest of the ARRI/Zeiss family it will happily cut in with the other Ultra focal lengths to add great production value.

Come by and take a look.  I have a small prize to the person with the coolest idea for an extreme wide!  Answers on a postcard to tim@focus24.tv