We don't just shift boxes from place to place. You book kit, you hire kit and you return kit. But what about everything before, during and after the shoot? Leading edge facilities have been designed to give you not just peace of mind before arriving to set, but also an arena to experiment and try new things.

As London's most centrally located hire facility, we invite camera professionals and producers to call in and get in close with the latest camera technologies. Whether it’s getting comfortable with an unfamiliar camera, or just comparing lens flaring for fun, we offer you an open house with technical know-how on tap … and as many cappuccinos as you can stand.

Testing & Preparation


Aim twice, shoot once – it's all in the preparation. We encourage camera crews to perform their own 'pre flight checks' at our central facility. Enjoy spacious prep areas with a close access kitchen and rock solid WiFi. All you have to do is make yourself at home.

Prep areas include:

  • Integrated Moy pedestals, portable from 1-40 feet
  • Multiple star and Macbeth colour charts
  • Close access precision tools
  • Chroma key options
  • Ultra spec machine to play back any format in real time- including ARRIRAW and 4K

Engineering Workshop


Adjoined to our Kit Room is a fully loaded engineering department operated by "The Tims" – both experienced and extensively trained across Europe. Our Managing Director gets very nervous when surveying the engineering lair. Seeing an Alexa or S4 lens opened into numerous parts can make the unschooled queasy … it’s cool.

We perform almost 100% of repairs and maintenance in house at Focus24. We can also asses your personal equipment including optics, usually giving same day answers.


We enjoy not just fixing but also enhancing camera kit. We can spec items such as one-off amendments to rigs, brackets and confusingly expensive cables. Our dedication to maintenance and quality checks are rigorous. All current and brand new equipment must clear strict, item-specific tests and guidelines before it is deemed hireable to you.

As a result we sincerely believe our hire stock is the happiest around. We treat it with utmost love and respect and want to see it live a long and prosperous life!

Lens projection

Lens Projection

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is it all about the "Cooke look", honest Zeisses or vintage imperfections with milky blacks? The choice is yours. But a lens' true technical quality is literally a black and white affair when stripped back and observed through a purpose-built projector.

Even the sharpest eye cannot conclusively determine a lens' true distortion, resolution and contrast values in inconsistent settings. Our custom-built ceiling & rail mounted projector is available on demand to camera crews prepping at Focus24 – in Bruce Wayne black no less.



Sometimes certainty is your only friend. All Focus24 lenses and cameras are checked with a collimator before re-stocking. For this reason we can guarantee that when you hire a lens or camera from us, it's in the very best condition for your shoot.

In recent times cameras have joined lenses in utilising interchangeable mounts. It's very common to mix equipment sources nowadays so it can be extremely useful to health check the final combination for optimum compatibility and performance.

We are happy to asses your equipment too, and deliver comprehensive reports so you can be sure your equipment is precise to the micron.


Focus24 are centrally located meaning we can be where you need us to be, and quickly. Like Travis Bickle, we can deliver "anytime, anywhere."