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From modest beginnings, Focus24 entered the arena in August 2009 to a rapidly changing landscape for cinematic equipment.

Tapeless camera formats were bedding in for good, blockbuster American shows were being shot on a DSLR, and the Red One incensed and delighted in equal measures. Some unthinkable events that's since seen celluloid on the ropes to the lament of so many. But the leaps in cinematic digital sensors became harder and harder to argue against.

From these openings two independent filmmakers came together to create a company that would not just supply, but also help de-mystify these fledgling technologies. Digital had long been a first language and the next production was all that mattered to them.

The curtain finally raised unveiling Focus24 as two technically versed filmmakers, four cameras, one lens set, a few lights and a hired van- by the week. Coming from a standing start the word 'credit' was heard only when referring to mobile phones. Nevertheless they were thrilled to be launching a dream project from Hoxton Square- a relaxing green patch in the middle of Shoreditch. It was an adrenaline filled time. But as a camera hire facility created by filmmakers for filmmakers, Focus24 was uniquely positioned to know what really mattered to crew and producers alike.

The following three years saw the same relentless shifts in large sensor formats and a happy U-turn from some DoPʼs actually lighting to shoot wide open. But for Focus24 things were moving at equal pace as word spread and the productions coming through grew in frequency and scale.

A reputation as a 'can do' outfit with a hungry commitment to developing it's expertise, gradually saw Focus24 stand alongside the very sharp end of the spectrum. As the hire stock swiftly grew, the space to operate within Hoxton Square dwindled. Bursting at the corners, what started as an ʻEverly Brothersʼ twosome suddenly resembled an Earth, Wind and Fire ensemble. Out of nowhere the company was the employer to fifteen excellent staff comprising of camera technicians, engineers and bookings personnel. Skip forward to 2013 and Focus24 has recently been re-housed within a modern and spacious facility that has been plotted out in close partnership with its customers.

What once was a vessel for producing feature films, Focus24 has become the sole ambition and nucleus of its filmmaking faculty. Although in house features feel more distant than ever, short films feed the creative urges for the men and women of Focus24! A happy problem some might say.