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Located in the heart of 'tech city', Focus24 are a centrally located camera hire facility in London. We offer ‘digital cine’ services for all budgets in feature film, drama, commercial, music, fashion and documentary.

Whether it’s a large scale multi Alexa production or a five minute interview shot on a DSLR, Focus24 will service any production with the same due care and interest.

To us camera hire is not just a discipline of logistics. And it’s much more than the giving and receiving of shiny cases, trusting that the hire will run smoothly. It's about furthering the creative possibilities to the Director and the camera team, doing our bit to enlighten and empower them to try something different with evolving camera technology.

We place an emphasis on going unnoticed, ensuring that your focus puller, camera assistant and DoP feel subconsciously safe with their equipment. After all, we know our place on set is inconspicuously in the background. The opening goal of Focus24 was simply to offer the most complete, reliable and best presented equipment. Stocking the latest and greatest is our DNA, but we can now assist your production in so many other ways. As a supplier of film services we endeavor to stretch the meaning of a ʻcamera hire facilityʼ with some of these services including:

  • Workflow consultation
  • 24 hour technical support
  • Data and rushes management
  • Crewing
  • Rushes and test screenings
  • Bespoke training
  • Construction of specialist items such as bullet rigs
  • Engineering/repairs
  • Specialist cable construction

We have done our best to offer you a website that’s not just a glorified rate card. You’ll find a variety of videos, tech specs, general observation and hopefully a warm disposition!